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After creating a strong presence in south Delhi, Anubhav Learning Centre now wishes to expand its wings to other territories in both Delhi and outside. We are looking for associates who have 2500 to 3000 sq ft. area preferably all on the ground floor with open area for outdoor play and garden to run a pre school, day care and value added activities. Do you love children, can handle their mess, screams, shouts, temperaments, mood swings? Are you passionate to foster capable individuals with strong values?? If yes, you could be a good match and we can explore possibilities of joining hands and connecting hearts. Does that ring a bell???

Call us if keen on building a long term relationship.

Anubhav Learning Centre

B-36, Pamposh Enclave,
New Delhi-110048.
Phone No. : 46566625, 46536255
Mobile No. : 9311145400

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About Pre Nursery School Delhi

Pre Nursery School Delhi Motto

Pre Nursery School Delhi Values
-> Creating “Gurukul” culture by building strong guru shishya bond.
-> Experiential learning through fun
-> Building a positive attitude of I CAN
-> Learning through nature
-> Love and appreciation for nature
-> Focus on holistic development
-> Love and appreciation for Indian culture
-> Developing spiritual bent
-> Actively engaging parents and grand parents in the learning process

Pre Nursery School Delhi Team Members

Our biggest asset at Anubhav Learning Center is our competent and committed team. We have professionally trained and experienced teachers for our pre school. Being mothers themselves, they better understand the child’s need for love and care and are able to provide the much needed motherly touch. They help to discipline the children and make them self dependent.

Even our support staff which includes nannies, guard, cleaners and drivers are very competent, efficient, presentable and extremely caring.

At Anubhav Learning Center we invest heavily in our team. We strongly believe-


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Facilities and Services at Pre Nursery School Delhi

Pre Nursery School Delhi Day Care
A DAY CARE is defined as a specialized program or facility that provides care for babies, toddlers, pre-schoolers and school aged children. It is basically a substitute for or an extension of home care.
This is exactly what we preach at our Day Care in Anubhav Learning Center.

Pre Nursery School Delhi Timings
-> 9 A.M. to 7 P.M.
-> Day care facility available in summer, autumn and winter vacations

Age group for children at Pre Nursery School

-> 6 Months +

Infrastructure Facilities at Pre Nursery School Delhi

-> Air-conditioned rooms with child friendly furniture for dinning, academics and activities
-> Value Based Activities like Abacus, Commercial art, Cricket coaching, Karate, etc. for school aged children
-> Refrigerator and microwave facility for children getting their own meals
-> Ample outdoor space with play equipment and outdoor games like badminton, cricket pitch, garden, camping facility
-> Age specific Indoor games – puzzles, carom board
-> Library
-> Escorted transport for pick and drop
-> Trained teachers for academic help and facilitating activities like art craft
-> Very clean and hygienic environment
-> Well trained nannies and support staff
-> Round the clock supervision by trained and experienced academicians
-> Fresh and piping hot home cooked meals
-> Parents are welcomed to make unscheduled visits and are encouraged to voice concerns and suggestions.
-> A clean spacious child friendly day care hall with Bunk beds, Crib, Feeding chair, Walker, Ball pool, Rockers, Clean linen, Mats, Folding mattresses

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Pre School in Delhi Parent’s Experiences

What Parents say about Anubhav Learning Center Pre Nursery School Delhi:

Day care concept was not something I was comfortable with but I happened to visit Anubhav Learning Centre by chance after visiting other day care centre. However, after 4 visits and talking to Dr. Gulabani, I finally realized and decided to put my kids at Anubhav with a heavy heart, full of guilt and unsure as to how they would respond
The first three months was pure torture for me, but full marks to the teachers and staff at Anubhav which made the transition so comfortable for me.
To cut the long story short, at Anubhav the kids have found a home away from home in terms of hygiene, food, attention and most importantly love and patience. The staff and Dr. Gulabani are always open to suggestions, ideas and even criticism.
In the last 8 months, I have seen an attempt to strive for improvement of infrastructure, organization and innovation. This is a sign of an healthy institute. My family and I would like to thank the staff and teachers for all they so lovingly do and for being so transparent, truthful and honest to the parents. A special thanks to Dr. Gulabani for making “Anubhav” truly an “Anubhav” for a life time for these little kids.
I wish you all a very happy and peaceful new year 2009.
Kind Regards,
Dr. Shweta K. Javali
Mother of Nachiket & Amogh

Dear Ma’am, ” Brilliant” is the only word which aptly describes our annual day functions held on last Saturday at ISCKON Auditorium. Every minute detail seemed to be taken care of and perfectly organised , and this kids were amazing
Coming to the newsletter, it was indeed very refreshing and this is a milestone for Anuhav. We look forward to more. May I once again express my deep appreciation for you and your team .
Incidentally , I’m reminded of a Latin phrase ” Res Ipsa Loquitor” which means ” Thing speaks for itself ” – this show is a “res ipsa loquitor ” by Anubhav .
Deep Regards,
Smitha Sehgal
Mother of Simran Sehgal

This is to inform you that Naomi will not be continuing at Anubhav Learning Centre (ALC) from February 2007. We will be leaving for Kerala in March & before we start preparing for the new arrival, we would like to spend some quality time with her.

We would even like to take this opportunity in thanking you and everybody at ALC for everything you have done for Naomi. ALC has always been her “Second home”. Every morning, she looks forward to going to school & when she gets back, she keeps talking about Arushi, Maisah, Adu-padu, Sohani, Nidhima & all her friends. She even has her set of imaginary friends at home… not surprising, all with the same name as in the school.

We as parents will never forget her first day at ALC (it still brings those tears back) but in the same breath, we would even say, every time she left for school with a bag smile on her face… that made our day! Thanks for your wonderful day, in no team she adjusted so well. As she grows up, she may not really remember her 2 years at ALC but all that she learnt here is definitely going to take her a long way.

We may not know everybody at ALC, but we have heard so much about Vasugi Didi, Meera Didi, Nirmala Didi, Anu Didi, Kapil bhaiya, Van Bhaiya, Shikha maam, Priyanka maam, Neeru maam, Nandita maam, Sonal maam, Neena maam & of course all her friends. Thank you all for loving Naomi so much. She is going to miss each one of you.

Great going ALC!!!

Yours Sincerely

Alex & Liz

Parents of Naomi

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Contact Anubhav Learning Center Pre Nursery School Delhi

Pamposh Public School
(Under KECSS Regd.)

In Collaboration with

Anubhav Learning Centre
B-36, Pamposh Enclave,
New Delhi-110048.
Phone No. : 46566625, 46536255
Mobile No. : 9311145400
E-Mail :

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